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A&D FX-300IN Reloading Scale - 320g x 0.001g

A&D FX-300IN Reloading Scale  - 320g x 0.001g

A&D FX-300in  Reloading Scale - 320g x 0.001g - 4938GN x 0.02GN - In Stock

A&D FX-300IN, is a powerhouse of precision and reliability. At its core lies the patented Compact Super Hybrid Sensor, delivering a rapid one-second weighing response time. This scale is not just accurate; it's also equipped with a specially designed internal shock absorber to shield against the impact of overloading, ensuring durability in the long run.

Key Features:
Precision Reloads: The A&D FX-300IN provides 1-milligram precision, making it ideal for all forms of long-range shooting.

: This magnetic force restoration balance doesn't drift like load-cell-based digital scales. Enjoy high-precision sorting of brass, primers, and bullets for your reloading needs.

Technical Specifications:

Capacity: 320g x 0.001g / 4938gn x 0.02gn
Warranty: 5 years

AutoTrickler Compatibility
: Programmed to work seamlessly with all AutoTrickler products
Calibration Weight: Includes 1 x 100-gram Stainless Steel Calibration Weight

What is the FX-300IN?

The FX-300IN mirrors the dimensions, accuracy, and speed of the best in industry reloading balance FX-120i but offers an increased capacity of 320g x 0.001g / 4983gn x 0.02gn. The keypad buttons may have a slight difference, but rest assured, the unit functions exactly the same as the FX-120i. Our units have the Grain feature on the balance. 

Why is this Balance Cheaper than the FX-120I?

We've secured an exclusive deal with A&D Weighing due to their overstock of the FX-300IN model. Enjoy significant savings without compromising on the exceptional quality and performance you expect.

What Does the 'N' Stand For?

The 'N' in FX-300IN signifies NTEP, a legal-for-trade designation suitable for commercial transactions. While the software has been modified for our combo, these units are no longer legal-for-trade capable and have the grain mode enabled though they retain the original badging.

Tested and Approved:

Our team has rigorously tested these units, confirming their seamless compatibility with AutoTrickler and other powder dispensing systems. Experience precision in every reload with the FX-300IN.

If you're ready to take your reloading to the next level, the A&D FX-300IN is available for purchase now. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to enhance your reloading experience while supplies last.


For your convenience, here is a link to the Glass Cup. A lot of reloaders end up purchasing it with the FX-300IN.    Glass Cup – CE Products Inc - Reloading Scales + AutoTrickler Products

  • 320g x 0.001g  / 4983gn x 0.02gn 
  • 5-year warranty 
  • Programmed to work with all AutoTrickler products
  • Includes 1x 100-gram Stainless Steel Calibration Weight 

Additional Literature:
A&D FX-300IN Quick Start Guide
A&D FX-320IN Manual - English
A&D FX-320IN Manual - Español

We offer power adapters for outside North America here 

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