Frequently Asked Questions

What is your company phone number?
- 1-800-535-3751. We are open Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 EST.

Does the FX-120i come with a weight? What class of weight is it?
- Yes, it is a regular, economy 100g stainless steel weight.

When is my V4 shipping?
- Wait time is about 2-4 weeks currently.

What parts are included with the V4?
- pulley unit, hopper, panel, cable, powder cup, centering tray, power adapter, brush

Does the FX-120i come pre-programmed to work with the AutoTrickler?
- Yes

What courier does the FX-120i and the Full V4 Combo kit get sent through?
- UPS. If you are in the US, we will need a physical address and not a PO Box.

Can I use a new credit card for the completion of payment?/What if my old card that I used for my deposit gets compromised?
- We don't keep any credit card information on file, so, you can use any credit card you'd like. Once we know your V4 is on its way to us, we will send you an email with a link to complete the rest of the payment.
Does the HR-100A work with the AutoTrickler V4?
- It is not recommended.

How long is the shipping time for the FX-120i?
United States Customers:
     - Midwest States - 2-3 business days
     - East Coast States - 3-4 business days
     - Southern States - 4-5 business days
     - West Coast States - 5-7 business days
     - Hawaii & Alaska - 14-21 business days
Canadian Customers:
     - around 3-5 business days but remote locations could be up to 7 business days
**We cannot guarantee shipping times, this is an estimate**

My FX-120i is drifting, why? What can I do?
  1. Make sure there are no environmental changes (ie. wind, air flow)
  2. Calibrate the scale
  3. Level the scale
  4. Ground the scale - There is a ground screw on the back of the scale. You can take that out and ground it with a copper wire to a metal screw on your loading bench OR you can try a Ferrite Bead. It is a type of choke that suppresses high-frequency electronic noise in electronic circuits. You can find one for a couple dollars on amazon.
  5. Wipe scale with dryer sheet to remove any static that may be surrounding the scale.