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Power Converters for EU, UK, Aus & NZ

Power Adapter converters for Europe,United Kingdom Australia and New Zealand - A&D FX-120i Reloading Scales & AutoTricklers
Power Converters for EU, UK, Aus & NZ
    Power Converters can be used with a voltage appropriate for single voltage appliances. Comes with travel case for storage and protection.
    • UK adapter works in Great Britain, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and parts of Africa
    • EU adapter works in Europe, Asia, Middle East, and parts of Africa and South America
    • US/AU adapter works in Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific Islands, Japan, Philippines, North and Central America, and parts of China, South America, and the Caribbean
    • Mechanical safety shutters help avoid electrical shock
    •  Questions?
      • In North America 1-800-535-3751  
      • International  1 519-473-1953  
      • Open  Mon-Fri 8 am-5 pm  EST