Reloading on Point: Choosing the Right A&D FX Scale for You FX-120i vs FX-300IN

February 21, 2024 Trevor Neve

Reloading enthusiasts know the importance of precision. Every grain of powder, every component, plays a crucial role in accuracy and safety. That's where the A&D FX series scales come in, offering top-notch accuracy, speed and reliability for your reloading needs. But with two popular models – the FX-300IN and the FX-120i – choosing the right one can be confusing. Fear not, Handloaders, This guide will break down the key differences and help you find your perfect match.

Capacity is King (Sometimes):

The main difference lies in capacity. The FX-300IN boasts a whopping 320g (4938gn x 0.02gn), compared to the FX-120i's 122g (1882gn x 0.02gn). This means you can weigh larger batches of powder or heavier components with ease on the FX-300IN. Ideal for those who work with large calibers or brass weighing.

Precision is Paramount:

Both scales deliver exceptional 1mg / 0.02gn  precision, ensuring consistent powder charges and unmatched accuracy in your reloads. This level of detail is crucial for long-range shooting and demanding applications. So, rest assured, neither scale will compromise on the accuracy you depend on.

Price Point:

The FX-300IN comes at a lower price point thanks to an exclusive deal. While the FX-120i might seem more affordable at first glance, consider the value proposition. If the increased capacity benefits your workflow, the FX-300IN offers savings in your pocket.

Additional Features:

Both scales share key features like:

    • Fast 1-second response time for efficient weighing
    • Durable internal shock absorber for protection against overload
    • Compatibility with AutoTrickler systems for automated powder dispensing
    • 5-year warranty for peace of mind
    • Will seamlessly work with the V4 Autotrickler and other powder thrower systems 


The Verdict:

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific reloading needs and preferences. If you prioritize large capacity and value, the FX-300IN shines. For those who prefer the reloading standard, the FX-120i is a solid choice. No matter your pick, both A&D FX scales guarantee exceptional precision and reliability, taking your ballistic reloading game to the next level.

Bonus Tip: Don't forget to check out the Glass Cup accessory, often used with both scales for added convenience and protection.

If you have any questions about the FX-120 or FX-300IN Please feel free to get in touch with us at CE Products  1-800-535-3751 or 

Happy reloading!

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