Joe Ambartsumyan does an independant review of The Set up vs The Chargemaster

November 14, 2017 Trevor Neve

The 6.5 Guys Review the FX-120i And Autothrow/Autotrickler Combo

November 14, 2017 Trevor Neve

Precision Powder Dispensers Group on Facebook

August 28, 2017 Trevor Neve

The goal of this page is for people to post their designs, modifications, home made or commercial devices, etc used to automate and drop or trickle powder charges for hand loading precision rifle. From an accuracy perspective, the devices of most interest here would be those devices that are able to maintain +- 1 Kernel accuracy and consistency. Feel free to invite/add any member you would like who has something to contribute. We will do our best to get vids/links for everything posted unless asked not to. Discussions on reloading techniques, hand loading recipes, general shooting conversations will be deleted in order to keep the content as clean and as focused as possible. There are plenty of other forums to discuss those topics on.

THE FX-120i and V2 working together

April 07, 2017 Trevor Neve