V4 Estimated Shipping Schedule

August 03, 2022 Janelle Visser

Estimated Shipping Schedule

Thank you for placing an order for AutoTrickler V4! We know that everyone has been eager to know when they will be receiving their V4. 
Based on the number of units we have been receiving and where we’re at on our list, this is our best prediction of shipping dates for orders.
Following is a rough estimate schedule of when your order is likely to ship to our warehouse - assuming conservative, consistent production. This schedule is only an estimate and could change over time. Please consider it a rough idea to help understand where your order falls in relation to everyone else. 
Thanks for all your patience and support!
  • Ordered in February 2023 - ship May 2023 - February invoices sent
  • Ordered in March 2023 - ship end of May 2023 - March invoices sent
  • Ordered in April - ship May 2023 - April invoices sent
  • Ordered in May - invoices being sent 2-4 weeks after deposit

 *Please expect a wait time of 2-4 weeks*

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