Auto Trickler Reducing Insert

January 15, 2018 Trevor Neve

I am always excited to see when people find innovative ways to customize the Autotrickler 
to make it their own and find add on's and improvements that make using the Autotrickler/ Autothrower with FX-120i experience something that is always evolving and new with customization options 

I came across....

the Autotrickler reducing insert 

Check it out, Customize your set up, Support independent  business  

A set of two different sized tapered inserts for your Auto Trickler that work to reduce your overthrows for even more consistent throws.  


The popular Auto Trickler is a must have for affordable precision loading. These inserts restrict the flow of powder to help eliminate that pesky overthrow.  The set includes two tapered inserts that are easy to install. Just twist them into place an you are off and running. There is a larger insert and one that is slightly smaller.  The larger internal diameter insert works best with extruded powders, ie. Varget/h4350.  The small ID inserts works good with smaller kernel type powders, short cut or ball/spherical type stuff.  This is the general consensus among those that have tested them, but you might find one insert works better for your particular scenario, that’s why you get them both.

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