V3 to V4 Deposit Conversion - Switch your V3 Pre-Order to a V4 with FX-120i - Production Begins Summer 2021

V3 to V4 Deposit Conversion - Switch your V3 Pre-Order to a V4 with FX-120i - Production Begins Summer 2021

 AutoTrickler V4 with FX-120i Balance - Production Begins Summer 2021

*For customers with deposits placed before April 1st on V3 who would like to wait for V4*

AutoTrickler V4 is a clean slate.
 The entire mechanical assembly is now a single, simpler, and more compact unit, with integrated electronics and a calibration routine that removes the need for trial and error when switching powders.

This new design will cut production time in half and improve reliability across the board. Incorporating new ideas into a simpler mechanical assembly is a better long-term strategy to keep up with future demand without raising the price or restructuring the business in ways that would sacrifice quality for quantity.

Two tubes, two motors, one process.

Inspired by an auger (and refined through simulation, testing, and iteration), a large tube with deep spiral grooves pours a large amount of powder in a controlled manner, allowing flow rates up to 50 grains per second, and ramping down smoothly to within 1 grain of the target. A smaller tube then completes the charge within a kernel in roughly the same overall time as V3.

Both tubes are driven directly by toothed timing belts which will not wear out.

Optimal performance without manual adjustments.

After adding powder, a quick calibration process will measure the flow rate of both tubes. These measurements will be used to set optimal ramping functions for both the bulk and final dispensing steps.

The AutoTrickler will rest on an acrylic panel with three rubber feet, using the funnel and rear locating pin for positioning. A tilt adjustment within the rear foot will be pre-set to match the bubble level of the A&D scale, so it should not need to be changed.

A slow/normal/fast setting within the Bluetooth app will allow a choice between speed and precision based on your needs. Adjustability through the app will allow performance to improve through software revisions in the future.

Integrated electronics and cabling.

The electronics module fits into a cavity on the underside of the housing. Motor wires are routed through the housing so they will never have any reason to move or break. The electronics can be replaced if necessary.

The connection to the A&D FX-120i scale is through a single cable that plugs into the RS232 port on the back of the scale. It also disconnects using an inline 4-pin connector, allowing the serial cable to be replaced independently from the electronics.

Locking hopper valve and rear window.

The hopper incorporates a rotating arm that opens and closes its valve. While the valve is open, the hopper is positively locked into the housing, and a clear window that seals the reservoir cannot be lifted, preventing a spill.

To clean out the powder, first, close the valve, remove the hopper, then lift the window and powder will pour out of the spout. Any remaining powder will be obviously visible and can be cleared out by running the motors, pouring, blowing, or brushing smooth and easily accessible areas.

AutoTrickler V4 is not ready for production. They have a prototype, the concepts are proven, and we're pretty sure it will happen, but it doesn't exist right now.

Autotrickler has no plans on rushing production  AutoTrickler V4 includes many new design elements and from experience, and have learned it's better to have more time to prepare before trying to build hundreds of something at once. When Autotrickler ready to start making V4 in quantity it will be a relatively stable design with validated machining processes and an inventory of materials on the shelf. Summer is the current expectation however it might take longer to bring everything together.

If you would like to be on the list and transfer your V3 Deposit to V4 orders Please click the add to cart button at the bottom and we will transfer your order from a V3 to a V4. If you have accessories on your pre-order that are not applicable to the V4 we will also refund you for them asap