AutoTrickler + AutoThrow

AutoTrickler + AutoThrow

AutoTrickler + AutoThrow 

This unique powder trickling system brings together the accuracy of a high quality scale with the speed of an electronic dispenser. No more bending over your beam scale with tweezers. Just set your target, scoop a partial charge and it will finish to +/- 1 kernel in a few seconds.
Invented and manufactured by Adam MacDonald. CE Products is proud to partner with Adam, offering our customers one stop shopping to build their reloading system bundle.

First, the AutoThrow drops a partial charge into the empty cup, and then the AutoTrickler stepper motor ramps down to finish within +/- 1 kernel in seconds.
At full speed the trickler will dispense 1 grain per second, then finish the last grain in about 3 seconds. The A&D scale is accurate to about 1 kernel of many powders, and the trickler will usually finish within +/- 1 kernel.

Certain types of powders flow at different rates, there is a slide setting to allow easy fine tuning of the 'ramp down' rate for any powder.

This Package Includes:

  • Electronics which insert into the rear of the A&D FX-120i Scale 
  • Trickler and stepper motor assembly
  • Motorized Powder Measure
  • A tray for holding your powder pan on the scale platform
  • Three pulley belts (just in case)
  • Cups & Straws to get the powder from A to B without splashing
  • Detailed, step by step instructions for setup and configuration

​ FX-120i not included in this package.