AREA 419 Billet Aluminum AutoThrow Housing for V2

AREA 419 Billet Aluminum AutoThrow Housing for V2
AREA 419 Billet Aluminum AutoThrow Housing
A billet aluminum replacement housing for the popular AutoTrickler Autothrow. This item replaces the 3D printed base that comes with the AutoTrickler unit as well as the plastic novelty straw. This is ONLY compatible with V2 units, and will not work with the V3 or V4 units.

AutoThrow Housing
This base is precision CNC machined in house from a solid bar of 6061 aluminum providing extra weight (0.5 lb) to quiet the stepper motor down when in use. Being made from aluminum eliminates any possible static cling inside the housing to allow better flow.  All necessary hardware is included, you will reuse your stepper motor screws, and the TOP attachment screw for the powder measure.  Includes an 8mm flexible straw, straws included with newer Autothrow units will also work.

Straw Replacement
Want to save the turtles?  Well here is your time to shine. Burn those straws!!!
New from Area 419, our straw replacement for your AutoThrow housing. We designed this replacement to give you a smoother, worry-free powder drop into your Area 419 Powder Cup. The offset through-hole and specific height help to eliminate splashing kernels, while keeping the drop inside the edge of the powder cup.  This works best with our replacement platen for the A&D scale which perfectly aligns the powder cup on center every time, even without looking.

This straw replacement will ONLY work with our Auto-Throw housing. Since we thread mill both pieces, we can control where the spout ends up. As pictured is where we like it and where it SHOULD end up (thickness of lid will vary and change the timing). That said, we are including an o-ring that you can sandwich between this piece and the lid to allow you to “time” the location of the spout a reasonable amount.

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