A common question we receive about powder cups and the Autotrickler packages

December 19, 2017 Trevor Neve

A common question we receive from the Reloading and Long Range Shooting community when they purchase the FX-120i Reloading Scale and Autotricker and Autothrower Combo is...Does it come with a powder cup to collect the powder and when we tell our customers it does not come with the package the next questions is always do you know where I can get one or what I can use.

Patriot Valley Arms have come up with an upgraded solution for this the Kern'l Dumper

The patent-pending undercut in the cup bottom causes the "splash" of the kernels to roll towards the center and fall back down, The Vessel is  1 inch tall and 2 inches across that can easy accommodate most load sizes. Ergonomic and sturdy and made from aerospace grade 6061 Aluminum this powder cup will fit easily in to your FX-120i Reloading Scale  and provide years of dependable use. If you would like to Purchase or find out more information please click the link below for this innovative company


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